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March 713M F3/75 Lotus TC 2L

Chassis n 05 / 1971, Updated 75 at the time Engine: Lotus Twin-Cam Novamotor 2000 cc mechanical injection Bosch / Kugelfischer; Completely...
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Date Added: 30 November 2019

Porsche 924 Carrera GT Gr4

Only 406 units of this model. (Carrera GT) Chassis n 93ZBN700272 / 1981 Engine Type M31/50 matching - 2000 4C Turbo mechanical injection Bosch /...
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Date Added: 26 November 2019

Radical SR8£36,500.00

Radical SR8 2.8l V8 430bhp + Life Racing Ecu with data logging Paddleshift with auto downshift blipper Quaife 6 speed sequential gearbox FIa spec Atl...
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Date Added: 23 November 2019

Abarth SE033 (Formula Abarth)

This is one of the first cars produced already in 1979; Chassis n 008/79. Central monocoque frame in steel sheet filled with polyurethane, with 2...
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Date Added: 19 November 2019

Marcos LM 600

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Date Added: 15 November 2019

PORSCHE GT3€100,000.00

Conditions: Mint History: bought like new from Porsche, second owner. Car always been prepared at the highest standards by an official Porsche Team....
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Date Added: 15 November 2019

Toyota Chaser JZX100€9,000.00

RUN AND DRIFT! about 400hp. Built and ready for much more! 2JZ GTE ARP main and rod bolts ACL bearings Engine stock! Head never opened. FSR SPA log...
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Date Added: 15 November 2019

Alfa Romeo 156 TS 2.0-16v Gr A

Car born Group N prepared by N Technology, later transformed into Group A by Monza Racing. He participated in the Alfa trophy with Francesco...
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Date Added: 12 November 2019

BMW 2002 Tii E10 Gr 2

Engine BMW M10B20 2000 prepared by Giuliano Giuliani with 203 hp; injection Bosch Kugelfischer, throttle body Alpina original and exhaust manifold 4...
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Date Added: 09 November 2019

PRC A6 BMW M3 2.5L Sportcar

Engine BMW S14 2500 Evolution (M3 Evo) 16V, Electronic throttle body and mono-injector (specifications 1990 perodo JR) 330 Hp, new, just tested the...
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Date Added: 07 November 2019

AMS 277 1600 Sportcar

Completely original car, AMS Autoracing Type 277 Chassis No. 62 / 1979; never crashed. Original engine AMS 413 DOHC 16 valves - 1600 cc, with Weber...
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Date Added: 02 November 2019


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Date Added: 01 November 2019

Ford Escort Cosworth RS Mk2 Terzi

Prepared by Gabriele Terzi (Bergamo, Italy) at the time starting from a new Ford chassis. The car was rented leased until 1982; at the time...
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Date Added: 01 November 2019

Subaru Impreza GC8£11,000.00

Highly successful ModProd sprint/hillclimb car, road registered and road legal for track-days. EJ20CDB engine by Ashley Wilkes, 423 bhp/400 ftlb 6...
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Date Added: 31 October 2019

Serem V836 SP Alfa Romeo

Sports car of French origin, built in 1983 (Chassis n. 01) with mechanical Alfa Romeo, left-hand drive and downforce. Engine Alfa Romeo Boxer 1500...
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Date Added: 30 October 2019

Pontiac Firebrid Trans-Am Gr2

Engine AMC 460 V8 7600 matching numbers; Newly revised. The engine have special pistons, alloy intel manifold with Holley, special exaust, camshaft,...
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Date Added: 26 October 2019

Chevron B34 F3/76 Toyota

Chevron B34 was produced in 33 units between Formula 3 and Formula Atlantic; and in 1976 it became famous because, driven by Riccardo Patrese, won...
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Date Added: 24 October 2019

Mitsubishi Colt CZT (300Hp)

Max preparation possible! Engine 4cyl DOHC 1468 turbo, water injection, 270 hp Fiberglass body Gearbox Manual Shift H / 5 speed close ratio Big AP...
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Date Added: 22 October 2019

Porsche 911 Karmann Gr5

Car prepared at the time. He races the Nissena Cup and the Targa Florio in 1976. He then competed in Gr5 in the historical; he mainly raced in the...
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Date Added: 19 October 2019

Mini Marcos GT

Engine Morris type 970 S; 999 cc - 100 Hp; carburetors Weber 45 DCOE Gearbox 4-speed, claw shifted Roll-bar Sassa with certificate. Minilite wheels....
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Date Added: 16 October 2019

Osella PA6 - BMW M12/7

Chassis No. 073 / 1978; Engine BMW M12/7 (F2) 2000, revised by Armaroli Gearbox: Hewland FG 400 HTP FIA (Two-Seater Racing Cars - Period IR); FIA...
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Date Added: 12 October 2019

March 79S DFV 3,0 L (Ex Parlamento)

Chassis No. 015 / 1979; Engine Ford Cosworth DFV F1, V8 3000 cc, 500 Hp Gearbox Hewland FGA 400 6-speed Car completely overhauled in 2014. Monocoque...
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Date Added: 05 October 2019

BMW M3 E46 TD Gr N

BMW M3 racing chassis purchased new in 2008 at BMW for the preparation. Engine BMW M57TUD30, 3000 cc Turbo Diesel, 24 valves Gearbox Getrag BMW...
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Date Added: 01 October 2019

Renault Clio V6 Trophy€39,000.00

Renault Clio V6 Trophy in last evolution Eurocup #65, in absolut best condition, rebuilt 2003-2005 with all new original parts, everything is new on...
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Date Added: 30 September 2019

Suzuki Swift Sport€8,000.00

The car is suited for Hillclimb challenges, as well as for Rally. It is ideal for beginners, it won the national championship in 2016 at its group...
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Date Added: 25 September 2019

Mercedes 190E 2.5 16 Evo2 Gr A

Cosworth 2500 16 valve (M102 E25) Engine 332 HP just tried. After rebild the engine have 1 race Weight 980 Kg. OZ Wheels magnesium Brakes Brembo gold...
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Date Added: 21 September 2019

BMW M3 csl E46 GTR

Racing chassis M3 CSL Herrmann-Motorsport, transformed GTR. Alluminium GTR suspension arms. Bodywork, bonnet, doors and aerodynamic kit complete...
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Date Added: 18 September 2019

BMW 635 Alpina Turbo B7/2 Gr5

Engine original Alpina B7/2 turbo 3500 (500 Hp), turbo KKK / K27, turbo pressure adjustable. Bosch/Alpina fuel injection. Engine overhauled in 2011,...
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Date Added: 14 September 2019

MOOG hydraulic valve E024 type£550.00

MOOG hydraulic valve as used on formula 1 and other high end motorsport, in excellent condition having doen about 1200km only and been kept clean all...
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Date Added: 28 August 2019

Subaru impreza 2.0 turbo€5,500.00

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Date Added: 28 July 2019

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