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Suits Sabelt TI 120, size 54, discount€360.00

OFFER of suits SABELT TI 120 NEW, blue and white, size 54, FLOATING SLEEVE Two coloured version of the best entry level 3 layer suit of the market....
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Date Added: 22 February 2021

8 Drawer Motorsport & 6 Stanley Organisers Tool Flightcase£550.00

8 Drawer & 6 Stanley Fatmax 197518 Deep Pro Flightcase A perfect transport storage solution Purpose built flight case containing 8 Euro drawers & 6...
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Date Added: 04 February 2021

dry brake fuel couplings€700.00

2" refuel couplings: 2x female 1x male: 250euros set 1.5" fuel couplings: 2x premier with treath connection 200euros for 2 2x with hose connection...
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Date Added: 24 January 2021

Porsche 911 991.1 GT3RS GT2RS 918 Carbon Fiber LWB seats Rare 99

Here is for sale set os seats for Porsche 911 991.1 GT3RS carbon fiber LWB seats (lightweight bucket seat) Genuine OEM set for Porsche 991.1 GT3RS...
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Date Added: 06 October 2020

PORSCHE 997 911 GT3 GT2 Carbon Bucket Seats€2,400.00

Perfect conditions. COntact me to this email for more info:

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Date Added: 08 July 2020

Expo Tent 6X4 complete€1,600.00

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Date Added: 06 February 2020

Chassissim Elite + Driver in the Loop

Chassissim Elite + Driver in the Loop at a reduced price. Transient multibody laptime simulation tool including driver in the loop. A perfect tool...
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Date Added: 01 September 2019

Set Up / Pit Equipment

VMEP produce a range of set up & pit equipment for motorsport. Set up Equipment: - Set up floors with flight cases for transportation - Pad levellers...
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Date Added: 16 June 2019

AIM Smartycam + GPS€1,000.00

Hi everyone, I have for sale 2x AIM Smartycam HD for sale. ALso have 2x External GPS modules and mounts for it. All in great condition. Supplied with...
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Date Added: 06 May 2019

2D data recording€3,000.00

2D data recording with many sensors Total price was new 10 000€ Everything working correctly Compatible with all types of cars
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Date Added: 19 August 2018

ATV and bike dyno€1,990.00

For sale non-complete ATV and bike interia dyno from Fuchs (France, MY 2008). Current dyno is missing dyno computer and its related hardware....
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Date Added: 26 April 2018

Brand new Sparco PRO-ADV TS seat Homologization: 2022 2 pcs€610.00

Brand new Sparco PRO-ADV TS seat Homologization: 2022 2 pcs Manufacturer: Sparco Modell Number: Pro-ADV TS Description: Brand new racing seat!...
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Date Added: 20 February 2018

Dynocom 5000 2wd Dyno£16,500.00

Due to retirement we are selling our DynoCom 2wd 5000 Series rolling road. Capable of 175 mph, 5000 ftlb of torque and 1250 bhp. We are offering the...
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Date Added: 15 November 2017

Damper Dyno Wanted

Looking to buy used damper dyno in good condition. Not just SPA brand
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Date Added: 20 October 2017

magneti marelli SDL€2,400.00

for sale or trade marelli SDL data logger in excellent condition,never used on a car, needed for previous project. don't esitate to send me message...
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Date Added: 15 June 2017

Snap on Techangle Torque Wrench£330.00

This is a as NEW Snap-on ATECH3FR250VG 1/2" flex head "Techangle" torque wrench in original carrying case and instruction /calibration booklet This...
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Date Added: 21 March 2017

Wheel gun for centralnut€185.00

I have for sale one used wheel gun 3/4" drive with a mounted steelen nut for 61 mm centralnut. The wheel gun is working in both direction right and...
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Date Added: 15 August 2016

Paoli DP 2000£750.00

Used but in full working order Paoli DP 2000 wheel gun R/H side. I have two available in identical conditon. £750 each or £1400 for the pair.
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Date Added: 20 June 2016

Flight Case for Air jack

Flight Case for Air Jack system. Fits 4 sets (4 - safety props, 4 elephant foots, 4 skates) More photos:...
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Date Added: 12 April 2016

Champion Battery and Toolbox trolleys£70.00

The Champion Battery and Toolbox trolleys are in solid condition. 1 has been modified as we used it as a lead ballast trolley. it has only had 2 bit...
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Date Added: 09 December 2015

PI Delta Data Logger€2,000.00

Complete PI Delta Data Logger with loom and display. Previously used in BMW 320 WTCC with BMW Motorsport ECU 2008
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Date Added: 24 November 2015

Crash Box SR3 SR€300.00

Crash Box SR3 SR6 A réparer: crochet de remorque (cassé)
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Date Added: 23 November 2015

NP Hub Stands€660.00

More info When ordering this part contacts us, we will need information about wheel mounting dimensions for your car. Parts can be sold separately: 4...
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Date Added: 05 August 2015

Quick Lift Jack€170.00

Quick lift jack suitable for: Hillclimb, Single Seater, Sportscar, Kit Cars, Caterham Sevens, Mitjet, etc. Plane 20x20 cm, covered with anti-slip...
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Date Added: 31 May 2015

Tube Bead Rller£230.00

The 0-Line Racing Products Tube Bead Roller is a compact tool box size light weight unit that can roll beads on tubes down to an inside diameter of...
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Date Added: 02 May 2015

Secuential Gearbox Display€200.00

Programmable Display for secuential gearbox. Compatible with almost every gearbox (SADEV, XTRAC, SMAN, HOLLINGER, ...). Easy to install and...
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Date Added: 04 March 2015

Set-up platform for sale€1,990.00

Set-up platform for sale For the set-up of single seaters, or GT cars. Flight case for the transportation included.Dimensions flight case : 130 cm x...
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Date Added: 02 February 2015

TPMS Sensor Tire Watch for sale€3,000.00

TPMS Sensor Tire Watch for sale Tire pressure and temperature measurement -27 sensors plastic and aluminum housing. All operationnal -1 reception box...
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Date Added: 02 February 2015

MAHA MSR1000 AWD Syncro Single Roll Dyno£100,000.00

MAHA MSR 1000 4WD 30" Single Roll top of the range Dyno for sale. HQ Garage have in stock for immediate delivery, the above advanced MAHA MSR 1000...
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Date Added: 11 December 2014


Rarely available, very light use hub dyno available for immediate resale. Has various optional extra's incl DATACQ (8 x K-type thermo & 8 x Analogue...
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Date Added: 11 November 2014

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