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Nissan Micra Race Engine£5,500.00

CGA3DE 1367cc - Nissan Micra Race Engine (fresh built) 12.8:1 CP Forged Intruder Pistons Farndon Racing Forged Conrods Gas Flowed Cylinder Head +1mm...
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Date Added: 20 March 2018

Cosworth V8 Parts

We have available various spare parts for Cosworth V8 engines: DFV, DFY, DFZ and DFW - Heads used both DX SX. - Crankshaft, new and used, with...
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Date Added: 15 March 2018

Renault Gordini Ventoux 670-S6 (1195) Engine

Engine type 670-S6 n 87034 completely overhauled, of the Dauphine Gordini R 1195. 845 cc; 4 cylinder / 2 valves (STR 4 OHV); 40 Hp Stroke 80 mm /...
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Date Added: 03 March 2018

Cosworth DFV Formula1 Dummy Engine

Engine Cosworth DFV Formula 1 dummy from exposure. Monobloc former McLaren F1 of the period of the Senna. Titanium Exhaust manifolds. It can be used...
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Date Added: 01 March 2018

Ferrari 208 F106C Engine block

Engine block used Ferrari Dino 208 GT4; 208 GTB Carburettors, 208 GTS Carburettors, 208 GTB Injection, 208 GTS Injection, 208 GTB Turbo e 208 GTS...
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Date Added: 22 February 2018

Motore Bmw 320is E30€6,800.00

Motore Bmw 320is E30 stradale con solo 36.000 km come nuovo qualsiasi prova

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Date Added: 13 February 2018

Abarth 4-valve cylinder head new complete

Motor head Abarrth original new era just worked; with the ducts already finished and complete with: - Set prisoners - 2 valve seats new - 2 valve...
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Date Added: 12 February 2018

Genuine rare Dellorto DHLA48 carbs£850.00

Pair of ultra rare Dellorto DHLA48 carbs in full working order. These are the more desirable DHLA48 versions rather that the newer DHLA48C models...
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Date Added: 11 February 2018

Injection Lucas 6 cylinders

Fuel injection Lucas Mk1 6 cylinders Available in two versions: long and short. At the time they were used on Maserati, Ferrari, Ford Essex, Renault...
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Date Added: 09 February 2018

Judd V8 F1 camshaft cover

Pair of Cam carrier cover for the V8 Judd F1 / F3000 engine of the '90s This pair of punching lids is a rare item that can be used on a running...
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Date Added: 08 February 2018

BMW M12/7 F2 Engine

1990 cc 4 cylinder / 4 valves (STR 4 DOHC); 310 Hp Stroke 80,00 mm / Bore 89,00 mm Turbo F1 Block Complete with twin-plate clutch in copper. Newly...
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Date Added: 05 February 2018

Vauxhall XE Red Top 2.3 Rally engine£7,250.00

Product details Here we have for sale a 2.3L rally spec Vauxhall xe engine. The engine Is built to ultimate rally specification and would be...
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Date Added: 02 February 2018

Rover K series 1600cc£3,350.00

1600cc rover k series engine for sale Rolling road printout available Jenvey direct to head throttle bodies Uprated injectors Dry break fuel sampling...
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Date Added: 01 February 2018

Pinto 2.0L Rally engine€5,000.00

2.0L Pinto engine 170Bhp Burton alluminium valve cover Stage 3 big valve haed Boreham Ford self lubricated cam shaft Adjustable cam shaft pulley...
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Date Added: 26 January 2018

Cosworth BDG 2L Engine New

Completely new (engine never started) except block, head and injection. 2000 cc 4 cylinder / 4 valves (STR 4 DOHC); 285 Hp Stroke 77,62 mm / Bore...
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Date Added: 24 January 2018

Brian Harth 420R 2L Engine

2000 cc 4 cylinder / 4 valves (STR 4 DOHC) Stroke 77,62 mm / Bore 90,50 mm Engine completely original. Newly revised with 300 hp. For price, more...
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Date Added: 22 January 2018

Radical V8 2600cc£18,000.00

Ex race teams spare engine we don't think it was ever raced by them this engine still has Radical seals on it we have only used it for demos and 1...
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Date Added: 17 January 2018

Engine and Gearbox

Sell engine and Gearbox complete 400km, must be sold separately.
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Date Added: 12 January 2018

Cosworth DFZ V8 3,5L

Lower part of the engine Cosworth DFZ; V8 3495 cc (68.6 mm stroke and 90 mm bore) with: engine monoblock; Crankshaft (STD bench, rods 0.10); Reeds...
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Date Added: 09 January 2018

Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE Endurance Engine£7,995.00

This engine is from our RZ Supra TT manual that was built in 2007 for the invitation class of British GT. It has done no more than 50 miles since...
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Date Added: 01 January 2018

2.3 Vauxhall Engine£7,000.00

2.3ltr Vauxhall Redtop - extremely powerful and great amounts of torque. Built by WRE (Warren Race Engines) - 37years experience in building...
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Date Added: 31 December 2017

Toyota Novamotor F3 PFT 2T-G

The Novamotors produced a 2.0 litre engine based on the original Toyota engine 2T-G. This was used in the majority of the Formula 3 cars across the...
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Date Added: 28 December 2017

Abarth Simca 1300 Type 230S Engine

Engine n 230/116 completely original for Simca Abarth, must be complete and review. 1300 cc 4 cylinder / 2 valves (STR 4 DOHC) Stroke 71,00 mm /...
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Date Added: 26 December 2017

Honda Racing K 20€12,000.00

Wonderful Engine Honda K 20 Dry sump with 3 stage pump. Bore 89 Stroke 86 Darton sleeves. Brian Crower camshafts. Four throttle Jenvey intake. More...
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Date Added: 25 December 2017

Cam carrier new BMW M12 F2

Cam carrier everything new, like original, for intake and exhaust; in magnesium high strength alloy (AZ91 T6), complete with caps in Ergal 7075 and...
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Date Added: 21 December 2017

R Clio RS 182 engine+gearbox+ecu£8,700.00

engine f4r 182 (242hp/256Nm) ECU VEMS camsshafts catcams JE pistons Gripper LSD gearbox JC5 11/63 speed on 7900rpm 1. 51km/h 2. 76km/h 3. 104km/h 4....
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Date Added: 19 December 2017

Abarth OT 1300 Type 237S Engine

Original engine for Abarth OT or Abarth Simca 1300 cc 4 cylinder / 2 valves (STR 4 DOHC) dual ignition Stroke 67,00 mm / Bore 86,00 mm Engine...
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Date Added: 11 December 2017

ST 150£55.00

Ford ST 150 Alloy Sump, very good condition will post for 10
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Date Added: 06 December 2017

Mercedes M102 E23 Engine - 190E 2.3 16

Mercedes 190E 2.3 16 engine type M102 E23 Engine 102.983 signed by Cosworth engine designed to compete with the BMW M3 2300 cc 4 cylinder / 4 valves...
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Date Added: 21 November 2017

Mclaren MP4-12C Complete Engine, 0km UNUSED£17,000.00

Up for sale is a complete M838T Mclaren MP4-12C Engine that has never seen running time in a vehicle. The engine was ordered by a dealer for a...
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Date Added: 20 November 2017

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