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Renault Clio gearbox€3,200.00

Renault Clio JC5 Samsonas dogbox for sale with Sadev LSD and driveshafts. contact me for purchase.
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Date Added: 11 June 2019

Gr N 6 Speed sequential gearbox€8,600.00

This is a complete gearbox and include STI N14 Housing 6 Speed gr N gearkit GR N Front diff Centerdiff CDDC Main gearration is 3.9:1 Gear Rations are...
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Date Added: 09 June 2019

Ricardo T 125 gearbox€9,500.00

I have for sale, my brand new T125 Ricardo gearbox. 6 speed sequential. Complete with output flenges, drive shafts and input shaft. Contact me for...
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Date Added: 08 June 2019

Hewland Gear ratios

Gears ratios for Hewland gearbox, new and used: MK 5, MK 7, MK 8, MK 9, FT 200, FG 400, FTR e TPT For price, more pictures, video and more info visit...
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Date Added: 30 May 2019


Quaife sequential 6 speed gearbox with straight cut gears, this gearbox has bmw e36 m3 engine s50 specs such as bellhousing and 29x10 input shaft,...
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Date Added: 21 May 2019


ATB torsen type differential to fit direct in Ford Fiesta 1.0 st ecoboost with gearbox 6MX65, condition are brand new can be used in all disiplines...
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Date Added: 21 May 2019

Brake calipers Campagnolo Amadori Magnesium Rebuilt

Set of 2 Campagnolo Amadori brake calipers in Megnesium (Elektron 21 / EV31A) Original complete set with front and rear calipers with original...
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Date Added: 09 May 2019

Porsche 997 GT3R Gearbox€15,500.00

That Gearbox is original for the 997 GT3 R. contact me if you are interested so i can email you more details. Thanks

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Date Added: 22 April 2019

Grp4 Atlas Axle£2,150.00

complete kit to build a grp4 fully floating atlas axle which would only need a cwp to complete the axle. Details are grp4 thick tubed fully floating...
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Date Added: 05 October 2018

EMCO GT46 sequential gearbox transaxle transmission€28,000.00

EMCO GT 46 endurance Transaxle transmission NEW ratios: 1st 14:44 3,143 2nd 17:39 2,294 3rd 20:36 1,800 4th 18:27 1,500 5th 23:29 1,261 6th 29:31...
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Date Added: 03 September 2018

gearbox ZF 18/3 maserati€1,000.00

Gearbox ZF 18/3 Maserati biturbo alfa 6 fiat dino 1000 Euro free delivery in UK

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Date Added: 27 August 2018

New Tractive 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox for sale£8,795.00

Complete New Tractive RD90 6-Speed Sequential RWD Gearbox Kit The ULTIMATE Escort Mk2 Modern Group4 sequential gearbox, ideal for use with Millington...
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Date Added: 22 August 2018

Ford Rocket gearbox£1,200.00

Genuine ford Rocket ratio homologation *(905 2507 ) gearbox. Helical syncromesh perfect for Lotus Cortina or MK1 Escort. fully rebuilt 3 years ago...
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Date Added: 13 August 2018


BE3 gearbox with Quaife gearkit with a 4.93 CWP. Checked over before its last event.Tran X plated diff set at 45/45 ramp angle and 60lbf preload.
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Date Added: 05 August 2018

206 Cup Car£1,500.00

Cup car gearbox removed from car . Bought but not used as plans changed. On a 5.6 cwp and had the bell housing welded as it is a known weakness. No...
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Date Added: 02 August 2018


Standard GEARBOXES S5-18/3 Rally & Race Ideal to make a good Gearbox Rally version. * Full with Lever. * Without Bell of Clutch. PRICE: -1350 +...
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Date Added: 28 June 2018

LD200 Parts£1.00

I need a input shaft (clutch shaft) for a LD200, urgently (june 2018). it is for my VF RF91
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Date Added: 20 June 2018

Bellhousing Hewland FG400 / Cosworth DFV

Bellhousing for gerarbox Hewland FG400 and Cosworth DFV engine Length: 4+5/16 Inc (4,313 Inc - 110 mm) Material: high-strength aluminum Made to...
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Date Added: 06 April 2018


Hi Wanted Ford Escort Cosworth MT75 Dogbox or big tooth gearbox or kit
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Date Added: 14 March 2018


For sale 3 speed elite sequential gear box with reverse Plate type LSD Digital gear indicator system Potentiometer, wiring loom and display box...
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Date Added: 04 March 2018

WANTED:: sequential gearbox for 206gti 140£1,234.00

Building my first Rally car and looking for a sequential transmission.
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Date Added: 16 February 2018

Quaife PG1 3.9 CWP 6sp Sequential£350.00

Quaife 3.9 straight cut crown wheel and pinion to fit PG1 6 speed sequential gearbox. Good condition.
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Date Added: 09 December 2017

cosworth historic HTP passport GPA gearbox€6,100.00

Perfect gearbox with all parts. Interested buyers should contact me with more information and photos. Thanks
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Date Added: 06 December 2017

Classic Mini A+ Gearbox£535.00

Classic Mini A+ Rally CR Syncro Gearbox, Just Professionally Rebuilt, with New Layshaft Bearings,New X Pin Diff 4.1 Ratio,Centre Oil Pickup. Free UK...
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Date Added: 06 December 2017

VW Formel 3€19,000.00

VW Formel 3 in good condition and work excellent.the Engine, Airbox, ECU, Starter and the exhaust system.
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Date Added: 01 December 2017

X Trac Gearbox

Hello I am looking for a 6speed X Trac Gearbox for Mazda 323 / Toyota ST 165 Either parts or complete box Please make me an offer Regards Stefan
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Date Added: 30 November 2017

C2r2 sequential gearbox

Want to buy a sadev sequential from c2r2

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Date Added: 18 November 2017

KAPS Billet 6 speed Subaru Sequential€10,500.00

The gearbox is in good condition and it is complete. Gearbox include custom plated front diff, custom DCCD, all housings, fully assembled. Carbon...
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Date Added: 15 November 2017

KAPS 6 speed sequential dogbox€8,000.00

Brand new KAPS 6 speed sequential dogbox for sale, no damages, and cosmetic is 10/10 because it's new. Contact me for purchase or if you have...
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Date Added: 08 November 2017

SOLD TO Nilsen, Sven-Runar /4WD XTRAC SKODA S2000 GEARBOX€8,000.00

Almost new 4wd gearbox incl diff 6speed sequential ready to run. Contact me if you have any questions to ask. Thanks

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Date Added: 07 November 2017

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