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Race & Rally Transmission & Drivetrain for Sale, Gearbox, Diff, Clutch, Axle, Prop, Shafts, CWPs Etc. 
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Classic Mini A+ Gearbox£535.00

Classic Mini A+ Rally CR Syncro Gearbox, Just Professionally Rebuilt, with New Layshaft Bearings,New X Pin Diff 4.1 Ratio,Centre Oil Pickup. Free UK...
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Date Added: 06 December 2017

VW Formel 3€19,000.00

VW Formel 3 in good condition and work excellent.the Engine, Airbox, ECU, Starter and the exhaust system.
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Date Added: 01 December 2017

X Trac Gearbox

Hello I am looking for a 6speed X Trac Gearbox for Mazda 323 / Toyota ST 165 Either parts or complete box Please make me an offer Regards Stefan
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Date Added: 30 November 2017

C2r2 sequential gearbox

Want to buy a sadev sequential from c2r2

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Date Added: 18 November 2017

KAPS Billet 6 speed Subaru Sequential€10,500.00

The gearbox is in good condition and it is complete. Gearbox include custom plated front diff, custom DCCD, all housings, fully assembled. Carbon...
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Date Added: 15 November 2017

KAPS 6 speed sequential dogbox€8,000.00

Brand new KAPS 6 speed sequential dogbox for sale, no damages, and cosmetic is 10/10 because it's new. Contact me for purchase or if you have...
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Date Added: 08 November 2017

SOLD TO Nilsen, Sven-Runar /4WD XTRAC SKODA S2000 GEARBOX€8,000.00

Almost new 4wd gearbox incl diff 6speed sequential ready to run. Contact me if you have any questions to ask. Thanks

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Date Added: 07 November 2017

Ds3 R3 Gearbox€3,500.00

Complete with differential and Hydraulic unit. Everything works perfectly. If you have any questions to ask, kindly contact me with it. Thanks
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Date Added: 04 November 2017

Subaru KAPS 6 speed sequential gearbox and all equip€13,000.00

ONLY 300 KM WORKED! Cusco LSD 3.9 differential 6 speed sequential dashboard Kaps ECU carbon fiber shift lever Contact me for more info
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Date Added: 04 November 2017

cosworth sequential ffd 7 speed gearbox€9,000.00

The gearbox is in good condition and has been rebuilt to 0km
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Date Added: 31 October 2017

DRENTH DG500 S65 to BMW M3€15,000.00

Drenth DG500 S65 to BMW M3 engine. Included in the price: gearbox display electronics shifter bell house 4 set dropgear Dropgear---->1.048...

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Date Added: 18 October 2017

Opel 4.75 5.28 CWP€560.00

Opel Manta Ascona CWP, new 4.75 and 5.28. Made in EU price 560€ including shipping inside eu , price include VAT 24% TKMS Group OY finland
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Date Added: 08 October 2017

Wanted HEWLAND DG300

Looking to buy in good condition and any spares.
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Date Added: 10 September 2017

OS Giken TR2CD Complete kit£1,300.00

OS Giken Brand new, boxed TR2CD twin plate clutch kit with movement kit For 6spd sUBARU GDA/GDB
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Date Added: 30 August 2017

New CWP Volvo, Opel, Toyota€245.00

New CWP's for sale Volvo 1031 5.14 290€ Volvo 1030 4.10, 4.56 and 4.88 245€ Opel Manta B 4.75 and 5.28 620€ Toyota Ae86 6.7" 5.125 590€, 5.375 670€...
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Date Added: 02 August 2017

Tractive RD906 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox£7,500.00

Tractive 6 speed sequential gearbox. Very low miles and little use. Fitted into a MK2 Ford Escort, so can be seen running and working in the car...
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Date Added: 22 June 2017

Pro-Shift PS2R Paddle Shift System£1,750.00

Pro-Shift PS2R Paddle Shift System for Fun Cup with a Sadev SL82-14 gearbox. THIS SYSTEM IS BEING SOLD BY AUTOSPORT ELECTRONICS ON BEHALF OF A...
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Date Added: 10 May 2017

Escort Cosworth Big Tooth MT75 4X4 Gearbox€4,000.00

Escort Cosworth Big Tooth MT75 4X4 Gearbox, used in good condition.
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Date Added: 25 April 2017

Lancer EVO 4-9 Dogbox€2,500.00

Complete overhault Toth-Dogbox for Lancer EVO 4-9. New Bearings,Layshaft,Crownwheel,3rd Gear and additional 2 new Shifting-Forks. Gearbox has...
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Date Added: 13 April 2017

vw golf mk2/3 gearbox€1,500.00

Gearbox with Quaife LSD 1- 3,45 2- 2,11 3- 1,44 4- 1,14 5- 0,89 FD 4,85 i have 1 more with same ratios but FD 4,48 and KAAZ plate LSD 1700Euro also...
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Date Added: 11 April 2017


wanted: XTRAC G4 cwp, ratio 3.44= 9/31, new or used
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Date Added: 29 March 2017

FT200 Sequential£6,500.00

Hewland FT200 Sequential complete with Jade bellhousing, Vauxhall Red Top eagle plate, spare set of as-new gears, and rear wing mounting bracket....
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Date Added: 21 March 2017

BMW GETRAG E10 2002 1502 1602 M10 DOGLEG GEARBOX

BMW 2002 235/5 (5-speed) Getrag Close Ratio Dogleg Gearbox for sale. This has recently undergone a costly rebuild in excess of £1500, with all worn...
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Date Added: 08 March 2017

Quaife 6 speed gearkit for VW 02AJ£1,200.00

Hi All, I'm going 02M in my Corrado so selling the quaife gear kit. Link is here [url][/url] It...
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Date Added: 28 February 2017

NEW bearings differential SKF for Opel Classic€290.00

2x NEW bearings differential SKF for Opel Manta, Ascona, Kadett. Ship to Europe with no extra cost. Totally New, inside it's boxes.
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Date Added: 17 February 2017

Getrag dogbox Gruppe-A 2,33-1,0

new 0km Getrag 265 Gruppe-A ratio 2,33-1,0newprice 7500 euro saling for 5500 Euro

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Date Added: 13 February 2017

Strong RWD sequential gearbox€1.00

Brand new strong RWD sequential gearbox. 1 000Nm, full-warranty. Engine flange for any kind of engine. For more info, please contact me. Ing....
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Date Added: 08 February 2017

Sellholm M47000 dog box rebuilt zero miles£4,000.00

For Sale Sellholm M47000 Dog engagement gear box. 5 speed gearbox just been fully serviced by Sellholm in Sweden (reciepts to prove). Rebuilt with...
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Date Added: 08 February 2017

Subaru Impreza STi 6-speed DCCD gearbox€2,500.00

For sale Subaru Impreza STi 6-speed DCCD gearbox from a 2007 year standard car. Perfect working condition!
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Date Added: 24 November 2016

Hewland FT gear ratios

Very large selection of new and very good Hewland FT ratios Approximately 120 plus many other parts all ex F3000, for sale seperatly or as a package
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Date Added: 08 September 2016

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