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Gearbox either manual or sequential to fit Mercedes CLK55. Any help or information gratefully received
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Date Added: 18 August 2016

Maserati BiTurbo ZF Gearbox£2,000.00

Used Gearbox don´t no the state, but it seams to work fine There is a small crak in the bag by the suspension on the first pic. It fits a Maserati...
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Date Added: 07 July 2016

Vauxhall quaife f15 sccr gearbox£1,600.00

For sale is a vauxhall f15 gearbox with a quaife straight cut gearkit fitted.It has got a 4.5 finale drive fitted. It has a harry hockly 70% lsd...
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Date Added: 01 July 2016

MEGAline gearbox Audi R8 GT3 LMS Ultra

MEGAline gearbox for R8 GT3 LMS Ultra Run 2000km. Comes with new dog ring.

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Date Added: 06 May 2016

Audi R8 GT3 Ultra gearbox

Almost new R8 GT3 LMS Ultra gearbox. Run a couple of hours. More infos and pictures on request

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Date Added: 19 April 2016

Subaru Impreza 6 speed gearbox TY856UG1KA 2 available low miles£2,850.00

Subaru Impreza STI 2008-2012 GR hatch and GVB saloon 6speed DCCD gearbox TY856UG1KA Low Miles 2 Available complete with matching 3.54 diffs Both have...
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Date Added: 15 March 2016

PTec Gearbox SR8€9,900.00

For sale is a PTec ( Quaife QBE72G ) transaxle gearbox 6 speed. Fresh rebuild with a lot of spare parts. 450-500hp are possible, hypoid crownwheel...
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Date Added: 12 March 2016

Wanted Cosworth Sequential Gearbox

Wanted Sequential Gearbox (with Bellhousing) for Escort Cosworth 4x4 Looking for either FFD 7 Speed Sequential Quaife 87G Must be UK Based Please...
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Date Added: 17 February 2016

Hewland Wanted

Wanted Hewland MK 8 seies 5 5Gers With a thick Wave in good Condition Country : Munich /Germany Cotact :

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Date Added: 11 February 2016

Nissan GTR€3,900.00

Nissan GTR gear box 2010.year
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Date Added: 21 January 2016

5 Speed Sequential Gearbox cosworth£5,500.00

Bought brand new from Romain Oppligier and at cost at £6100 then had extra costs of having the box built up and tested by Bara. The box hasnt even...
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Date Added: 17 January 2016

peugeot sport be1 6 -speed shaft€750.00

New made at Drenth gearboxes in Holland. This the input shaft for a BE1 gearbox with 6 speed peugeot sport. Used this boxes in the groupA 205-309....
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Date Added: 03 January 2016

Xtrac gearbox Skoda Fabia WRC€27,000.00

Original Xtrac fully sequential gearbox for Skoda Fabia WRC 2007 5 gears, 4x4 Completely rebuilt
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Date Added: 12 December 2015

HEWLAND LD200 Gear Ratios and Spares

I have a massive selection of Hewland Gear Ratios here that i am looking to get rid of. I will list every ratio below. Some ratios have corrosion on...
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Date Added: 09 December 2015

STi rear diff with CUSCO€1,400.00

very fresh rear diferential for impreza N14 and the others with CUSCO lsd, after maintenance. Possible also other parts, Shipment FREE OF CHARGE
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Date Added: 27 November 2015

8pot BREMBO€950.00

Selling set of used 8pot brembo.Perfect for VAG upgrade.Painted in whatever colour u want. Paint and shipping EUROPE free. Feel free to ask.
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Date Added: 26 November 2015

Tilton 5,5 racing clutch€1,000.00

Brandnew Tilton 5.5 racing clutch, with 2 disk packs hollinger splines , cost new 1350 euro, for sale now € 1000 ex P&P

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Date Added: 02 November 2015

Porsche driveshafts€2,500.00

Set New 996 / 997 motorsport driveshafts. Set rebuilt GT2 996/ 993 Rebuild Endurance spec Driveshafts set used GT2996 / 993 endurance spec driveshafts
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Date Added: 02 November 2015


Wheel and Pinions 17/55 SADEV SEQUENTIAL

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Date Added: 18 October 2015

Aluminium Short-Shifter€220.00

Very short, adjustable motion Faster gear changing is one of the parts which brings advantage in motorsport. This shifting mechanism has already...
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Date Added: 15 October 2015


Drexler DGB 006 for ryllycross, hillclimb ,circuit racing Fully rebuilded in Drexler company, bellhousing for VW engines Short ratios, spare final...
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Date Added: 06 October 2015

Used honda civic gearbox€5,000.00

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Date Added: 09 September 2015

historic sierra sapphire cosworth gearbox

for sale as new ford motorsport 5 speed 909 GPA sierra sapphire sport gearbox , these are the legal gearbox's for the FIA historic rally championship...
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Date Added: 19 August 2015

NP Parts Short-Shifter€203.00

Very short, adjustable motion Faster gear changing is one of the parts which brings advantage in motorsport. This shifting mechanism has already...
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Date Added: 03 August 2015

10x31 SADEV final drive€900.00

Exellent condition 10x31 SADEV SL75-14 final drive (crown and pinion) Reference 01 01 031 855 Plus special bearing reference 01 00 85 121. Only 6...
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Date Added: 31 July 2015

Atlas Axles Fully Floating Group4 Rally Spec

Group4 Escort Atlas axles made to order: Gp4 Historic Gp1 Clubman Tarmac specials Fully floating, works spec, AP calipers Gripper LSD etc.
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Date Added: 28 July 2015

x-trac gearbox for sale€16,500.00

For sale x-trac 426 gearbox. Fully revised.

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Date Added: 29 June 2015

Z.F. S5-18/3 Historic Rally Gearbox.£2,300.00

¤¤ Z.F. S5-18/3 Historic Rally Gearbox for GM-VAUXHALL-OPEL. * OPEL : - KADETT A,B & C. - ASCONA A & B. - MANTA A & B. - REKORD B, C & D, GS ou...
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Date Added: 20 April 2015

GDT BMW E36-E46 dogbox kit€4,150.00

GD Transmission -BMW E36/E46 dogbox kit Selector chart is H-pattern 4 or 5 speed . The original ZF S5D gearbox to housing. - The gear ratio options...
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Date Added: 16 April 2015

X-Trac Model 427€17,000.00

Just Rebuilt : X-Trac Sequential Gearbox Model 427 with many spares. Buyer responsible for shipping cost. More photos of spares upon request. Gear...
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Date Added: 06 March 2015

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