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Megane Maxi N15

275 HP Evo I engine (made by Coupissol), with 400 SSKm after newly built
FFRiccardo Gearbox (7 gears sequential) ckecked and repaired after every race
Magneti Marelli ECU
Evo 1998 axles
AP 3 discs carbon clutch
N015K Matter Shell
hlins suspension
visco sperr

List os parts:
- 2 driveshafts
- 4 front break discs
- valves and pistons
- a few gearweels and different patrs for gearbox
- 1 original block (there is a scratch on the bottom, but still working)
- 1set Proflex1 schockabsorvers for gravel
- 1 airbox for gravel
- 4 tarmac wheel
- 4 gravel wheel

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