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Citroen C2 R2

C2 R2 with totally new engine and general revision 0 kms SS.

Car never made gravel and has all new material fitted. Ready to run and with all the substitute material that I will list in the material list.

I can show Citroen Racing invoice of all the new stuff the car took.

Alternate material list: Car + all material 24.000

-9 Rims 16
-Cassis complete without rollbar
-All body parts
-new Headlights
-Front and rear bumpers
-3 rear arms
-4 complete rear axles
-Gravel Suspension – 2 front + 3 loads / 3 rear
-Asphalt suspension- 2 front + 1 front load
-3 complete rear arms
-2 brakes rear brake pads
-2 complete pivot + 2 incomplete
-1 Headlight ramp
-Front and back pads
-Front and back discs
-Air mass meter
-Cartridge protection
-2 front stabilizer bars
-2 transmissions
-4 rear axles with stabilizer bar
-3 clutch plates

More material…



Country: Portugal
Contact Tel No: +351 913488939

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