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BMW E36 320i rally car for sale well maintained and built from

Built in 2016 based on FIA A/N 5441 homologation specification

All parts used during the build are available with invoices.


- E36 coupe
- WRC roll cage in compliance with FIA A/N 5441
- fiberglass hood
- fiberglass trunk
- polycarbonate windows
- lightweight doors

- D2 Racing 32 way adjustable shock absorbers (Rally/Asphalt)
- PU Rubber mounting 90 ShA
- E46 Al-Mg swing arms
- E46 325mm brakes with Ferodo DS3000 brake pads
- Hydraulic hand brake with Willwood master cylinder
- adjustable braking force regulator
- steel mesh Teflon brake line


- VEMS programmable ECU
- Wide band lambda sensor
- Launch control
- Shift Cut
- Racing wire system
- Odyssey light weight battery
- 32 LED lamp pod

Fuel system:

- Full AN/DASH fittings
- High performance WALBRO AC 6 Bar, 255 l/h
- Fuel sampler connector


- 5 speed dogbox
- racing clutch
- LSD with 5.44 BMW Motorsport final drive


- M50B20 80
- CatCams camshafts
- dbilas dual valve springs
- ZRP connecting rods (H profile)
- CPS custom pistons CR 12:1
- BOSCH injectors
- M50B25 intake
- M3 exhaust manifold
- stainless pipe exhaust system with 100 cpsi racing catalytic converter (FIA approved)
- custom Al radiator with SPAAL dual vents
- M3 oil cooler
- Servo oil cooler


- OMP seats with valid homologation
- Schroth Racing HANS compatible seat belts
- Oil pressure, Oil temp, Water temp meter
- Sparco interom with external audio output

The car has a valid license plate and registration based on the current EU regulations can be registered in any country.

The engine was programmed on a performance pad for 102 octane fuel 205 BHP

The full weight of the car: 1180 kg (above the homologated 1146 kg)

Only used with Motul oils

As you can see the whole car was built with care and used all the professional performance parts required.


Country: Hungary
Contact Tel No: +36302399532

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