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Mitsubishi EVO 6 Full Group A

We have for sale a Mitsubishi EVO VI, car has been very well looked after and maintained to very high standard. No expense is spared when it comes to maintain this car.

Car comes with gravel and tarmac setups and it was built according to group A homolgation.

Car has Spanish documents and has a FPAK passport.

Here is a quick list of what the car is equiped with and what comes with it.

Forged Pistons
HKS Camshafts
Motec M800 tuned for FIA 102 octane
Drenth Dogbox
EVO 9 Turbo with 34mm restrictor
Fully Polybushed (R4 Spec)
Kaaz LSD - Front, Center and Rear
Proflex 3 way for Tarmac
Proflex 3 way for Gravel
Alcon 6 pot Calipers
Alloy Radiator
Race Fuel Pump
Bigger Oil Cooler
2 piece brake discs (front)
Brembo rear calipers

Reason for sale is that we are looking for EVO 7/8/9 so we might take part exchange.

Car is in Portugal but can be sent worldwide at buyers expense.

Spares list:

8 tarmac wheels (total)
8 gravel wheels (total)
RS Gearbox
Kaaz diferencial spares, as the ones on the car were replaced we kept the good bits off the old ones)
1 water radiator
2 brembo callipers (front)
4 hubs
3 complete cluthes but used
6 driveshafts
1 Exedy Dual Disc Clutch (used)
4 front bumpers
2 rear bumpers
4 brake discs (front for tarmac)
2 original camshafts
2 side skirts
1 gear linkage
1 headlight
3 rear lights
3 indicators
4 trackrod ends
1 complete set of suspension arms
1 front anti roll bar
1 rear anti roll bar
1 oil pump
1 "engine bridge" with 2 mounts that sit under the engine
1 engine mount
1 exhaust manifold
1 brake master cilynder
1 Power Steering pump braket
2 camshaft pulleys
1 HKS air filter
Some suspension arms
some gaskets
some belts


Country: Portugal
Contact Tel No: 00351918366603

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