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Ford Escort MK1

The Escort RS1600 mk1, a car that "was born" in March of 1973 to run.
Intended for British rider Roger Clark, who broke his foot that year making it impossible to line up, he was bought in the competition department of Ford in England, more specifically at Avley by Larama, an Angolan rider. The 1600 was factory converted to LHD (Left-hand drive).
This Ford is one of the 200 customer competition version and is strictly as it was at the time, it underwent a thorough restoration and all the pieces are of the time and legitimate of this model. It's a full gr.2, specs it had and still has these days.

- BDA Engine 1842CC.
- Block AX.
- EN40B fardon steel crankshaft.
- Steering wheel of the engine 3.1kg aluminum ultra ligth.
- AP Racing ARP bidisco clutch.
- Screws head and block connecting rods in H long 5.26.
- Acraligt 86.5 forged pistons.
- Multichorn cometic board.
- BDA Big valve head.
- All new X16 head components.
- Inlet cams.
- BLF 14 (9000rpm).
- Exhaust L1 (8000rpm).
- Polis variables tuning.
- Dry sump.
- Oil pump 5 ports.
- Carburetors Webers 45 line.
- Exhaust Ashley.
- Complete Electronic Ignition Bosch.
- Rocket gearbox with quick shift and Right Gear Kit.
- Quaif Autoblocante.
- Quaif body stretchers.
- Front and rear AP brake calipers.
- Semi-shaft Quaif reinforced Aluminum cubes.
- Suspension front and rear bilstein Works regular.
- Transmission group 4 Charriot group 4.
- Supports Direct Direction Pack Sport Rallies.
- Baquet Works contour seat.
- Britax Gambiara belts, by Alexander navigator.
- Springalex steering wheel.
- Headlights Cibie super Oscar and Oscar Protection.
- Carter Works.
- Rolbar Works 6 points.
- Original Minilight Rims.


Country: Portugal

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