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Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT

Car born for the French market, and prepared in France long ago. In recent years he has raced in the historic car races of the French and European championships (VdeV, CER, Masters, etc. ..).
In 2009 it was bought by Frederic Berchon, with whom he achieved numerous successes.
At the end of 2012 it was bought by a team from Misano Adriatico for the Italian Historic Championship.
In 2017 it was sold to a Venetian collector who only used it for a race of the Historic Magione Trophy.
Last race: Magione Historical Trophy 2018

Car built in only 19,700 units.
Original engine AR00502, 4-cyl DOHC 1570 cc (matching); prepared 120 hp with Weber 45 DCOE carburettors
Original gearbox 5-speed
Limited slip differential with 8/41 ratio.
Original magnesium wheels.
Documents: HTP FIA 2017; Homologation Fiche; Registred in Italy and license plate; Photocopy of the original French booklet
He can races in Competition Touring (Group 2) of the F period of the 1st Group in the historical races on the Track, Hillclimb; and being registered also in Rally, Regularity, and Slalom.
Ready to race
He can also participate in the most prestigious events such as: Vernasca Silver Flag, Nastro Rosso, Goodwood, Nurburgring Historic, Silverstone Classic, etc.

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Country: Italy
Contact Tel No: +39-038642545

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