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Seat Leon Mk2 Cup

We offer a modified Seat Leon Mk2 CUP from 2011.
The vehicle was champion 2011 in the Seat Leon SuperCopa Cup.
Subsequently used in the STT and the CTT and constantly further developed.
The vehicle is accident-free and has normal signs of use which a racing vehicle derives from the races.
Basic color red and design foils.
The basic engine is a 2.0L TFSI with forged H-stempleul, Wössner pistons, a 160Bar high-pressure pump, more powerful pump and injectors, metal water pump.
Turbocharger was installed a GTX2867R with a corresponding manifold.
TTRS intake and larger intercooler, water cooler and two larger fans.
The engine and gearbox have been software optimized and tuned.
Suspension was the KW Competition, 3 - fold adjustable installed (new 2017).
Brake pads new, seat and belts renewed 2 years ago and drive shafts revised.

The following parts are included in the vehicle:
- 2 sets of ATS GTR 9x18 rims
- 4 set of original Seat Leon Cup rims
- Original intercooler, original radiator, original intake
- 2 replacement auxiliary cooler
- 1 drive shaft (driver side)
- Fule fill in hose
- Safety's
- Data cable for Stack Logger
- Stack transponder + stack lap timing beacon
- Replacement front mask, fender left / right (Eurocup)
- long-distance tank preparation
- Reinforced front window ventilation
- And many small parts ...

The vehicle is well placed in the CTT or STT (Germany).

For further questions or information you are welcome to contact us.


Country: Germany

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