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Porsche 911 Karmann Gr5

Car prepared at the time. He races the Nissena Cup and the Targa Florio in 1976.
He then competed in Gr5 in the historical; he mainly raced in the Sicily Calabria Historic Championship (Reventino, Sila, Santo Stefano, Nissena Cup, Monte Erice, etc.) and only one race in Gubbio (getting the 2nd place), until 2007.
Last race of Santo Stefano di Gambarie (RC), where he finished 1st overall.
In 2008 it was completely overhauled by Balletti Motorsport (AT); after the review he did only free practice sessions.
The car has been stationary since 2010.

Chassis 911 T 2.0, Karmann body.
Engine M901/19 3500 cc, 300 Hp, completely overhauled; with Bosch / Kugelfischer mechanical injection, double ignition distributor, oversize pistons, Porsche 3200 crankshaft, 50 mm throttle body, re-profiled cams, Porsche RSR orignali exhaust manifolds.
Gearbox 905/13 5-speed, close to Bacci
Sandblasted body, reinforced and repainted by the Balletti Motorsport workshop.
Rear arms of the Porsche 3300.
Brake caliper 4 pistons front and rear.
Racing pedal with double pump.
Racing shock absorbers.
Suspensions entirely on Uniball.
29 mm rear bars.
Electrical system completely redone.
Weight 900 Kg.
4 wheels with rain tires.
It can racing in Silhouette / Group 5 - H2 period
Ready to race
With transport Trailer.

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Country: Italy
Contact Tel No: +39-038642545

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