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Bars3 DODGE V10 8.3 ltr

Year of production: 2016.
Rollcage: entirely tubular.
Body: carbon - kevlar.
Dry weight: 2000 kg (minimum weight in compliance with FIA2018 technical regulations).
Engine: DODGE V10 8.3 litres (in compliance with FIA 2015-2018 technical regulations).
Power: 390 bhp at 3650 rpm (with air restrictor 37 mm).
Maximum torque: 819 Nm at 3200 rpm, 800 Nm at 1900 rpm (with air restrictor 36 mm).
Engine control: MoTeC M800 computer with MoTeC colour display.
Additional display with rear view camera.
Transmission: SADEV 920 (generation 2016) 6-speed with non-clutch gear change.
Clutch: three-plate, 185 mm.
Shock absorbers: DONERRE dampers generation 2015, 2 pcs per each wheel.
Front suspension travel 280 mm, rear suspension travel 330 mm (in compliance with latest FIA technical regulations)
Brakes: AP RACING 6-piston calipers for all wheels, with forced water cooling.
Brake discs: Alcon.
Pads: Endless.
Fuel tank: 480 litres.
Wheels: EVO Corse.
Tyre inflation system with high-pressure cylinder.
Removable mount for the 3rd spare wheel.


Country: Russian Federation
Contact Tel No: +79219372847

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