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Mitsubishi Colt CZT (300Hp)

Max preparation possible!

Engine 4cyl DOHC 1468 turbo, water injection, 270 hp
Fiberglass body
Gearbox Manual Shift H / 5 speed close ratio
Big AP Racing braking system; Double brake disconnector.
All-airplane assembly systems.
Stack digital dashboard; Removable steering wheel.
Reinforced body; Front and rear duo bars;Roll-bar a super-tourism cage.
Fiberglass curtain walls and doors with carbon interior and all plexiglass windows (including the front);
Small battery; Battery backup plug;
Carbon air filter;
Driving seat in the central position
FIA Technical passport. Registred in Italy and license plate
Parts: 2 wheels
Car purchased new for the preparation, after preparation has made only two free practice sessions.
Ready to race

What a deal: spent over 70,000 of preparation, Come away for much less !!

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Country: United Kingdom
Contact Tel No: +39-038642545

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