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Renault 4CV Sport, version Mille Miglia

The car is the version of "Mille Miglia" (750 Course) of 1956 with license plate and registration of Brescia original of the period, and perfectly preserved.
This is the version that can participate in the "Mille Miglia"!, Then departed with the number 2206 (ie at 22:06 pm 1 hour and 6 minutes after the first car).
Equipment set-up and run with the original Renault 4 front lights of the time;
Engine Ventoux Type 670-01 version R1063; 748 cc 26 hp;
Gearbox 4-speed rates close;
and with all R1063 specifications.

Ready and inscriptable to "Mille Miglia"
It can racing in the TS / Group 1 - Period E
Last performance: Memorial Giulio Bertoli 23/4/17.

At the time these cars were designed by Ferdinand Porsche during the occupation of France and put into production after the end of the war.

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Country: Italy
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