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universal flexible wheel arch extensions

This super kit includes

4x extensions fully taped and ready to install 1495mm long.

20x plastic trim rivets (optional fit).

1x fitting instructions.

easyWider universal flexible wheel arch extensions are a brand new product designed and manufactured in the UK.

Manufactured from high quality automotive grade plasticised PVC and measuring 1495mmm in length, easyWider will enhance and protect your vehicles wheel arches in one easy application offering the following benefits:
•easyWider extensions measure just under 150cm in length, 17mm in height and 15mm wide.
•easyWider can be installed permanently or semi permanently.
•easyWider is truly universal fitting, to any make or model of vehicle.
•easywider is fitted using specially tailored genuine 3M VHB adhesive tape on not 1 but 2 separate bonding faces.
•easyWider is impact resistant and unbreakable offering your vehicle the best protection.
•easyWider is made from the best quality grade PVC right here in the UK not a cheap import, years of real world testing in all weathers and conditions have proven itself.
•Carwash resistant, UV resistant, stone chip resistant.
•Full technical PDF instructions, installation video and specifications can be found on our website
•£10 cashback offer for submitting photos of your fitted easyWider extensions can be found on our website eBay
•Full technical backup and online support via the contact details on our website.

Flexible enough to shape to almost any vehicle contour but strong enough to resist impact and damage.

Remember, only easywider wheel arch extensions have a clever return edge that protects and cushions the underside of the vehicle wheel arch lip from the continuous barrage of rocks stones and road debris especially if you have fitted wider than standard wheels.


Country: United Kingdom
Contact Tel No: 07790066207

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