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MAHA MSR1000 AWD Syncro Single Roll Dyno

MAHA MSR 1000 4WD 30" Single Roll top of the range Dyno for sale.

HQ Garage have in stock for immediate delivery, the above advanced MAHA MSR 1000 4WD dyno which is the flagship performance dyno in their range.

This is the dyno of choice for many of Europe's leading tuning companies due to the fact it can drive the unpowered axle on a 2WD with traction control at the same rate/speed as the powered axle i.e. BMW M5. It also regulates the speed accurately across both axles on 'tricky to test' AWD/4WD vehicles such as the mighty Nissan R35 GTR.

The dyno is also capable of testing hybrid and electric vehicles thanks to it's inbuilt 2 x 22kW drive motors and can simulate over-run regeneration etc.

The dyno is ideally placed for supercars given it's ability to test up to 200MPH & 2700Bhp. The single roll also closely simulates the actual effect on the tyres and this model further benefits from Thermal Sprayed NiChrome Carbide Cermet (Ni-Cr) which aids grip, reduce noise and temperature, and have a coefficient of friction, very similar to that of a typical road surface.

The dyno is like new and has only tested 8 Hybrid vehicles!!

It is available with or without the modular acoustic test cell which benefits from a drive through arrangement and automatic sliding doors either end. There is a myriad of optional extras with the package as well as all the original documentation and software etc.

The Dyno alone in the this spec lists at over 185,000 GBP, but we are offering it for a fraction of this

We have many other dyno's available in stock to go.


Country: United Kingdom
Contact Tel No: 01383 827900

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