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Well, this is a truly sad story, and unforunately very short as well. T22 MMR became the holder of the not-so-pleasant title of the fastest totalled car in the team\'s history (until X33 MMR came). She made her debut at the 1999 Rally Argentina as Loix\'s car. The crew was doing well until the last day, when Freddy totalled the her. So after 2 and a half days of competition, T22 MMR was scrapped due to the damage from the crash.

I have the right front door and front bumper from accident at rally of argentina 1999
The other is the left front door from the evo 6 of freddy loix at the rally of china 1999 (on the picture is sign tommi makkine but i think it is incorrect because i have do a research )
i have also the front bumper with carnumber S2 TMR, it is from loix or Tommi makkinens car , i\'m not sure.


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