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Slide Throttle engine BMW M30

You are building slide throttle intake manifolds for BMW M30 engines
Can be used on cars group 2 and group 5:
BMW 2800 cs E9,
BWM 3000 cs E9,
BMW 3.0 Csl E9,
BMW 635 csi, E24,
BMW M535i E28,
BMW 333i E30

We accept reservations!

We are currently in the planning stage, and we hope to have them ready for the 2021.
If interested send an email, when the production will start you will be contacted with all the information and costs to be able to book.

To those who book before production will be applied a discount on the final price (based on the number of bookings received)

For other parts of our production visit our website (click on link).

Country: Italy
Contact Tel No: +39-038642545

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