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Cosworth BDG 2L Engine New

Completely new (engine never started) except block BDT, head and injection.

2000 cc 4 cylinder / 4 valves (STR 4 DOHC); 285 Hp
Stroke 77,62 mm / Bore 90,50 mm
Engine rebuilt with all new parts (New: Cam Carrier, Cracnk, Pistons, Conrods, Valves, Springs, Retainers, Oli pump, Alluminium pulley, Flyweels, Shims).
Aluminum BDT block (block rare used on F1 turbo engine, mounts with 4 bolts in bearing caps)
Lightweight flywheel with clutch 5.5-inc
Never start

For price, more pictures, video and more info visit our website (click on link).

Country: Italy
Contact Tel No: +39-038642545

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