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BMW M30B28V Engine - BMW 2800 Cs E9

Completely original engine 2800 CS; complete with exhaust manifold, flywheel and clutch.
2788 cc; 6 cylinder / 2 valves (STR 6 OHC); 170 Hp
Stroke 80,00 mm / Bore 86,00 mm
With 2 Zenith 35/40dual-body carburetors.

This type of engine was designed starting from the 4-cylinder engines of the M10 family, 2 more cylinders were added in a row to the first 4, giving rise to a 6-cylinder in-line engine.
In particular, this type of engine made its debut in 1968 with a sizing of 86x80 mm; with a total displacement of 2788 cc. Proposed for over 10 years on various models of the range, thus delivered a maximum power between 165 and 170 hp at 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 238 N but 3700 rpm. This engine has on systems: 2800 (68-72); 2.8 L (72-77); 2800 CS (68-72); 528 E12 (73-79); 728 E23 (77-79).

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