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Ferrari 208 F106C Engine block

Engine block used Ferrari Dino 208 GT4; 208 GTB Carburettors, 208 GTS Carburettors, 208 GTB Injection, 208 GTS Injection, 208 GTB Turbo e 208 GTS Turbo
Type F106C No. 659 of 1975
Without cylinder liners but full of prisoners and main bearings
Usable, with slight modifications, like 3000 cc also on the 308 versions

Engine that equipped the Ferrari 208 and was designed to adequately address the oil crisis of the '70s/'80s, consuming and polluting less than the 3000cc version; as well as the Italian financial recession of those same years, avoiding the heavy tax burden on engines of over 2000 cc
The 208 engine is the smallest V8 ever produced in series and showing a remarkable power / displacement ratio for the era.

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