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EMCO GT46 sequential gearbox transaxle transmission

EMCO GT 46 endurance Transaxle transmission NEW


1st 14:44 3,143

2nd 17:39 2,294

3rd 20:36 1,800

4th 18:27 1,500

5th 23:29 1,261

6th 29:31 1,069

Ring & Pinion: 10:35 3,500

Front engine rear wheel drive GT style endurance application
Transaxle gearbox mounted gears forward in the rear end of car
6 speed sequential gear change
Straight cut integral 1st gear with slide on 2nd to 6th
10 Degree 6 dog gear engagement
Externally adjustable differential pre-load
Paddle shift ready gearbox
Built in oil pump with oil filter service externally
Internal spline access at gearbox back for accessory drive application Air Conditioner, Alternator etc.
Gearbox weight is approximately 165lbs

brand new, never built in


Country: Germany

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