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BMW E46, E36, E30 Aluminium Camber Caster Plates

Aluminium Bearging Housing?
In order to minimize unnecessary weight in all parts, we decided to mill bearing housing out of aluminum. For that we used strongest and most expensive aluminum class - 7075 T6 (aircraft grade). Compact design allows to achieve 40g weight for the bearing housing.

We use "Fluro MS" series bearings adapted for motorsport.


We have designed the bearing so that you can adjust camber to the maximum and find the most suitable position. Caster angle is also adjustable so you can regulate the chassis geometry ideally and equally for both sides .

Caster + camber adjustment.
6082 - T6 backing plate.
7075 - T6-bearing housing, bearing covering plate.
Class 10.9 screws
"Fluro MS" series bearing (replaceable).
The overall full set weight - 500g ~


Shipping price included.


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