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BMW E30 5 Lug Conversion Kit

Conversion kit for all BMW E30 models to fit the wheel hubs of the BMW E46 and E36 with bolt circle 5x120.

The adapter sleeve and collar are made of high-strength steel and black galvanized.


Simply attach the supplied adapter sleeve to the original E30 axle stub. The E36 / E46 wheel hub with the original bearings of the E36 / E46 and the dust cover can then be screwed over and screwed with the collar nut (with locking function). This means that the original equipment can be re-installed at any time.

You can find suitable brake caliper adapters on larger brake systems in our assortment, for example article number 149.

The track becomes wider by 7mm per side.

Required Components:

Wheel hubs E36 / E46 including wheel bearing and dust cover

2x adapter sleeve for conversion BMW E30 to E36 / E46 wheel hub
2x collar nut (with locking function)


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