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For sale OSCar O3 rally raid car / FIA T1

Selling OSCar O3 rally raid car. Manufactured in 2007 to FIA T1 regulations. Only one major rally - Dakar 2009 in South America (24th place overall).
The car is without engine and 0 km rebuild. Price in the current condition EUR 35 000. The new owner would need to invest estimated EUR 25 000 in parts and labour. Please enquire if interested in this option.
The chassis is NOT suitable for diesel engine.
Dimensions 4162x1992x1760mm, wheel base 2900mm
•Weight 2090kg (minimal weight stipulated by FIA 2050 kg)
•Tubular space frame, carbon-kevlar body
•PACEPRODUCTS / OSC engine cooling system
•SADEV six speed sequential gearbox
•OSC steering system
•RACING 2-disc clutch
•Four wheel drive, all wheel independent suspension (equal for all wheels)
•SPEEDLINE wheels 7”x16”
•Tyres BF GOODRICH G1 235/85-16
•Mitsubishi differentials with SETRAB oil radiators
•AP RACING brake pads
•DONERRE shock absorbers, two for each wheel
•Place for three spare wheels
•ATL FT-3 fuel tank, volume 550 l
•2 parallel fuel feed systems
•STACK, SPA dash
•TERRATRIP odometers
•Two mounting locations for GPS devices
•Fire extinguishing system OMP
•two PELTOR intercoms
•two integrated jacks
•air compressor, signal horn, air tank
•four sand traps, two spades, rope, tools and drinking water containers
If interested please write email to :


Country: Latvia
Contact Tel No: +37126553560

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